3 Quick Business Tips for Small Business Success


I was asked today to give a quick tip for business success. Here is what I wrote:

All great coaching tips inspire us to ACT. Action is key to success. My coaching tip is easily remembered by the A.C.T. acronym.

A is for Anticipate the Future Trends. When a small business owner is able to study his/her industry and anticipate the trends, then the business owner can take action to leverage opportunities and plan specific strategies.

C is for Customer Super Service. Every business needs customers and when business serve their customers with a “super service” way, then customers remain loyal and are the stimulus for business growth and product/service innovation.

T is for Teamwork. All businesses must build excited and dedicated team leaders who are laser focused on building and developing team members who live, breathe and push the business brand to the next level.

So for sucessful businesses it’s all about Anticipating the future trends, Customer Super Service that stimulates customer loyalty and Teamwork that drives leadership development in the business.

All businesses must ACT!

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