How To Resurrect Your Business Dreams…on Easter Sunday


Today is Easter Sunday but many Christians like me refer to this most important Holy Day as Resurrection Sunday. The difference between the two for believers is monumental. For those of us who are not only believers but also small business owners, resurrection is an essential part of running a successful business. The definition of the verb resurrect is “to raise from the dead; bring to life again; to bring back into use or practice.” As a business owner, I often find myself resurrecting old ideas or things that worked in the past but that I stopped doing because I have run short on time. Resurrecting dreams, goals and your overall focus in life requires stamina, commitment and for me…prayer!

New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Batterson is one of my favorite spiritual authorities on prayer. In his book The Circle Maker he says “Prayer has the power to resurrect dead dreams and give them new life – eternal life.” On this Easter/Resurrection Sunday, here are my three prayerful tips that I offer from my own repertoire on how to resurrect your business dreams.

  1. Construct A Clear Plan of Action. As SMEs (and even full blown multinational corporations), we often suffer from following the crowd or blending in with the trends. I find that when I am clear on my actionable items that are tied to a strategic plan, I blend out and become a trailblazer in that area. My advice is to focus clearly on what you want to accomplish, make it a short (or long term) goal and walk out your plan of action daily
  2. Celebrate a New Season in Your Business. Easter (Resurrection Sunday) usually falls just at the beginning of spring. No matter what hemisphere you live in, the spring season usually follows some sort of winter season. I am currently in the Middle East - more specifically Dubai – and you can hardly realize the shift from winter to summer because spring weather is so warm. These subtle shifts in our season and in our businesses nevertheless need to be celebrated. My advice for resurrecting your business’ hopes and dreams requires new bright ideas, new inspiration and new contributions.
  3. Find Your Own Sabbath for Renewal. Today is Sunday and in some cultures it is the Sabbath (a day of rest and renewal) but here in the Middle East, it is the beginning of the work week. I have found my Sabbath every evening through reflection and meditation. So many SME owners never take the time to reflect and renew their minds about what is working in their business and what is failing. This is the reason why the majority of businesses end up in complete failure. My advice for resurrecting your business is to find your own Sabbath and take time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go.

Finally, whether or not you observe Easter or any Holy Day such as this – does not matter. You can still resurrect your dreams, goals and your business simply by using these tips!

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