Resurrecting My Blog Commitment


Sometimes analysis paralysis gets the best of me!

I have all of these wonderful ideas about what I want to blog about but then with all that I have on my plate – I over analyze the content, how it will be received and how it may or may not impact my target audience.

Well – this is why I love Easter (which is a mere 8 days away!)…because I believe this season reminds me that I can resurrect (if you will) my commitments to ALL the things that may have taken a back seat to “busyness” !

Then I thought - a real leader would just get up and dust off that commitment and try again.

So today – I pick up the baton!

I am resurrecting my commitment to blogging about leadership, leadership development and helping others reach their global leadership potential.

Sunday morning is coming!

Stay blessed!

Karen Renae Owens is the CEO of Karen Renae Owens Consulting LLC ( and is a professional consultant specializing on leadership development.

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