Perfect is the Enemy of Done...or Progress!

It has been nearly a year since I have blogged...and before that had probably been another year. I always say, "Karen...just do it...stop making excuses." I have now decided to just regularly blog even if some of my content is not all that good and a far cry from perfect. But I realized AGAIN (for the 50 millionth time) that I just need to get started and take the initiative. I am okay with it not be completely grammatically correct and certainly not perfect. But I am concerned with PROGRESS...not perfection. So here goes my journey beginning AGAIN.

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Labor Day and Leadership: The Perfect Couple

As Americans head into the Labor Day long weekend, I can't help to think about how we work and how we lead. This weekend is always billed as the last "hurrah" of summer and so many people kick up their heels and "vacation" somewhere memorable.

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